Adjustable Beds

An adjustable bed, or electric bed, uses an electric motor to change the position of the bed. Multiple bed positions can help alleviate various health issues. For example, sleeping with the head raised lessens symptoms of acid reflux disease and reduces snoring. At the opposite end, sleeping with the feet raised can help ease back pain and muscle aches whilst improving blood circulation.

Flat beds can cause body misalignments, which can contribute to stiff joints and sore muscles. As our bodies feel discomfort, we change positions, sometimes over 60 times a night. By offering over 1000 different bed positions, an adjustable bed allows the body to maintain proper alignment, which results in a better comfortable sleep. Some models of adjustable beds include heat and massage features, providing further therapeutic benefits. Remote controls are another optional feature, allowing you to easily change the position of the bed. Providing comfort and support all hours through the night, adjustable beds are the highest quality of bed currently on the market.

Adjustable beds are most commonly found in hospitals in order to help patients with health problems. These beds are designed in order to provide maximum comfort to the patient at all times. They are also used for individuals who cannot physically sit up in order to eat, take blood or other necessities, which need to be recognized. These beds are very expensive because of the technologies used in operating them. Although adjustable beds are most commonly found in hospitals, they are becoming more and more popular for the average homeowner. If you can afford the cost of these types of beds, the investment is definitely worth it. Using an adjustable bed before it is required can prevent many head, back and neck problems, which may occur. These beds are also effective for hospital patients who have recently been released, but still depend on this type of bed for support.

Adjustable beds are available in all bed sizes (twin, double, queen, king and California king), with high-density foam or coil spring being the most common type of mattress used. They also range in prices, however all types tend to be on the more expensive side opposed to other types of mattresses.

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