Air Mattresses

An air mattress (or aero mattress) is a mattress, which uses air as its primary means of support. Unlike the air mattresses of old, which were uncomfortable and used only for camping trips, today's air mattress use specially designed air chambers to provide full support where you need it. This type of mattress can provide you with a better night sleep than many other forms of mattresses currently on the market. Air mattresses no longer have that cheap, inflatable look about them. An air mattress can look like any innerspring mattress. If you are thinking of purchasing an air mattress, consider the benefits below, which should help you, make your decision.

The main benefit of an air mattress is it molds to body contours providing proper spinal alignment and reducing pressure points. Another benefit, unique to air mattresses, is the ability to adjust the firmness of the mattress. Using an electric inflator, which is controlled with a remote control, you can inflate or vent air to make the mattress as firm or soft as desired. You can also customize the firmness every time you use it, depending on how you feel on any given day. Larger mattress sizes, such as queen size air mattresses and king size air mattresses, are often divided into separate columns to allow each sleeper to personalize the firmness of their side of the bed. These independent columns also reduce the likelihood of one sleeper being disturbed by the movements of their partner. Finally, the last benefit of air mattresses is their portability. These mattresses can be packed up and taken anywhere. Transporting these mattresses from one place to another requires minimal effort and strength from the user. That said these types of mattresses are great for individuals who become dependant on their mattress and who wish to take their mattress with them on vacations, camping trips or family gatherings.

Aero beds have quickly become some of the most popular types of mattresses on the market. Many families choose to have an extra air mattress on hand in order to provide a comfortable stay for guests. Air mattresses are relatively cheap depending on the size, design and make of the mattress.

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