The mattress is the essence of a bed. The mattress provides the comfort and support essential to sound sleep. The material, firmness and size are all important factors in selecting a mattress conducive to quality sleep for your body height, weight and health concerns.

The two major types of mattresses are foam and innerspring. Memory foam mattresses or latex foam mattresses have a foam core covered in a single layer vinyl cover. Innerspring mattresses have multiple layers, including coils, border rods, insulator pad, cushioning, and a cover. Both mattresses will provide a restful sleep, but there may be specific characteristics that you'll want to examine before buying a mattress.

To guarantee a good night's sleep on a foam mattress, you want to pay attention to the weight, firmness, and resiliency of the mattress. You will want a high density foam mattress, or a heavy mattress, approximately 1.5 pounds per cubic foot. A high density foam mattress will give you a good night's rest and it will wear better over time.

You also want a firm foam mattress. Squeeze the edges and center of the mattress - you don't want to feel your fingers on the other side. The harder you have to squeeze the mattress, the greater the firmness.

Lastly, you want your foam mattress to be resilient or bounce back to its original shape quickly. The faster the foam bounces back after weight has been removed, the better its resiliency.

To ensure a peaceful sleep on an innerspring mattress, you want a high amount of steel inside your mattress. The innerspring unit in the mattress is made of coils and border rods. Steel coils make up the body of the mattress and steel border rods circle the top and bottom edges of the mattress. A quality innerspring mattress should have a high number of thick steel coils for maximum support.

If you buy a high quality mattress from the very beginning, almost any mattress will send you into a comfortable slumber for years to come. A high quality foam mattress is better than a poor quality innerspring and vice versa. The best foundation and box spring won't make much difference if you have a low end mattress.

When shopping, lie down on a few mattresses to get a feel for the firmness and resiliency of the mattress. Most of all make sure it's comfortable and supports your body- you want to make sure your quality mattress will provide a quality sleep.

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