Bed Components

There are many individual parts that make up the entire sleep set. While some of these components are not required, their inclusion maximizes the comfort and benefits of your bed. Generally speaking, only the mattress is required to separate you from the hard floor, however the bed foundation, headboard and footboard, frame and bed risers combine to build a bed that should guarantee a good night's sleep. In order to be able to choose a bed featuring all the proper components, you must first understand the concepts and functions of each part. The following is a brief description of each component, if you would like a more detailed description of each component check out the pages designated to each specific page:

  1. Foundation - The foundation is the bottom component of the sleep set, which is designed to support the mattress. The foundation absorbs the weight and stress placed on the bed and is a very important element in all beds. Foundations are traditionally built of wood but are also available in a variety of metals.

  2. Headboard - The headboard of the bed does not specifically serve any purpose. Although they are an attractive element in the overall appearance of your bed, the headboard does not change the way you sleep. There are many headboard designs and models, which can enhance the aesthetics of your bedroom.

  3. Bed Frame - Bed frames are designed to stabilize and support your sleep set. Traditionally, bed frames are made of wood or metal and are available in a number of sizes and designs. Bed frames can be used for all bed sizes including twin beds, double beds, queen size beds, king size beds and California king size beds.

  4. Bed Risers - Bed risers are used to make the bed higher. When it comes to convenience, higher beds are better than lower beds especially for individuals suffering from joint problems. These also add a unique element to the overall appearance of your bedroom.
These items are not required in order to obtain a good nights sleep. However, they do each add a specific element, which contributes to the overall effectiveness of your bed. If you want a bed that will provide you with comfort while enhancing the appearance of your room, why not splurge and make sure you have all the components needed for the best sleep possible.

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