Bed Frames

Bed frames are necessary for reinforcing the stability and support of the sleep set. Bed frames are made of metal or wood. Metal is the general term for bed frames made of lightweight steel. These frames are durable, offer strong foundation support and are very affordable. Lower cost or discount metal bed frames often require self-assembly, however most kits don't require the use of tools. Look for kits with locking mechanisms, as they will more strongly secure the corners and rails. Also, king size frames and queen size frames should have a center support beam. Bed frames with 1 or ½ inch side angle rails offer more flexibility in the headboard and footboard attachment.

Wood bed frames offer the same stability and support of metal bed frames, but are more aesthetically pleasing. Matching the wood bed frames with the headboard and other furniture provides consistency throughout the bedroom. However, the type of wood selected will depend on the room decor, lighting and humidity levels. Another attractive option is iron bed frames, which have a timeless, elegant look.

Many bedding manufacturers design bed frames for taller individuals. Extra length is added in order to fit comfortably for those who are too tall for normal sized beds. Manufacturing companies who customize their beds to this size will receive a lot of business because not all manufacturing companies try to accommodate taller individuals.

Some bedding manufacturers will also design bed frames for unique or small spaces, like a loft. Frames designed for smaller areas will often have a sleek, minimalist design so as not to take up too much room.

Most bed frame manufacturing companies offer some form of warranty on their bedding products. Bed frames are usually subject to a 10 year warranty incase it becomes damaged or falls apart. A bed framing company who refuses to provide a warranty on their products is probably not worth considering.

Make sure you choose a strong, sturdy bed frame. The bed frame is going to hold your bed together and for that reason it needs to be reliable and well built. Do some research and find out which companies are likely to sell you the best products for the lowest prices. Most of all, if you're not sure about the company and the products they sell or if you have any worries of whether or not the company is legitimate, do not buy from them. Your instincts are probably telling you the truth and you don't want to waste your money on a frame, which is going to break shortly after you buy it.

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