Bed Lifts

Whenever most people think of bed lifts, their thoughts automatically jump to medical bed lifts that are used to help patients rest, relax and heal in comfort. However, there are actually several types of bed lefts that can be used for all sorts of things. Read on to find out more.

Patient bed lifts

Most often bed lifts are used to benefit people with certain needs, such as:

How does it help these people? Elevated head rests assist those in need of aid when in an upright, sitting position and prevents them from slipping down in discomfort. Similarly, foots rests make it easier for people who need to rest with their feet above their hearts do so.

These types of bed lifts can either be electric or hydraulic and are usually found in:

How do they work?

The standard bed lifts found in hospitals basically tilt the bed frame to an angle that's comfortable and suitable for the user. There are, however, some bed lifts that transform standard mattresses into adjustable beds. This is achieved by placing a heavy-duty inflatable bladder under the existing mattress and, with the touch of a button on a remote control, the bladder inflates creating an adjustable bed.

What's the other kind of bed lift?

Bed lifts, also called bed risers, are used to raise a bed from the ground. Done to either bring the bed up to a more suitable height or to created added under bed storage, these lifts can be purchased at almost any bedding store for fairly reasonable prices.

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