Bed Rests

Bed rests (also called bed seats or bed lounges) are contoured cushions, complete with arms that resemble the top part of a chair. When seated in bed, the back of the bed rest leans directly against the headboard allowing for comfortable reading or television viewing. Most are constructed using foam, polyester or cotton and provide support for sitting up in bed. Bed rests are portable, allowing them to be conveniently used on the sofa, in the car or anywhere else additional back support is required. These convenient and efficient items can be found practically anywhere and are both functional and useful items to have.

Bed seats are becoming very popular for many reasons. The following is a list of benefits and uses for bed rests:

Bed rests are suitable for individuals of all ages. Children, teenagers and adults can enjoy the comfort and convenience of bed rests. Bed rests are also available in waterproof versions. You can purchase either an actual waterproof seat or a waterproof cover. These are designed to help with spills and make for easy washing.

Along with waterproof covers, bed rests are also available with cotton covers, removable covers and corduroy covers. You can even personalize your own bed rest cover or purchase one for a loved one. There are many designs and styles available in order to spice up these items.

If you are thinking of purchasing a bed rest, seat or lounge you can find them in any store that sells beds or bedding. You can also purchase them online, however, you must consider the cost of shipping. The cost varies depending on the style, colors, design and make of the bed rest.

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