Bed Sheet Straps and Bed Suspenders

Bed sheet straps are designed to keep bed sheets securely in place. Situated in each corner bed sheet straps are secured under the mattress. The strap fits diagonally across the corner, clipping two sides of the sheet. Bed sheet straps are usually adjustable or elasticized allowing them to accommodate any size and depth of mattress. The connection points (clips) should secure the sheet firmly without puncturing or tearing the sheet. Bed sheet straps can be used with fitted or flat sheets or even mattress pads. Bed sheet straps come in sets of four.

Similar to bed sheet straps are bed suspenders. Rather than four individual straps located at each corner there are two long straps that connect diagonally at the opposite corner, making an "X". Like bed sheet straps, bed suspenders are placed on the underside of the mattress.

Another less common type of bed sheet strap isn't a strap at all, but rather a "sheet retainer". These clip directly on to the top of the sheet, clipping the sheet to the binding seam of the mattress. Sheet retainers have narrow, long clamps and are usually made of a flexible plastic. They are used along the seams, and not the corners, of the mattress. These have easy to open clips used to hold in all sheets.

Many forms of bed straps and suspenders are capable of securing any size sheets. For this reason, they will likely last a long time since you can adapt them to any style or size of bed you wish. Bed straps are usually sold in sets of four and bed suspenders are sold in sets of two.

If you want to rest comfortably without having to worry about your sheets coming off or moving, you may want to consider purchasing bed sheet straps, suspenders or retainers. If you are thinking of purchasing these items, you can purchase them online.

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