Bed Warmers

If you've ever crawled into a cold bed in the middle of January, then you know how it feels - not good! However, if you had a bed warmer to pre-heat your mattress for you, you'd never have to feel that chill again.

What is a bed warmer?

A lot of people wonder what the difference between an electric blanket and a bed warmer is. The most substantial way in which a bed warmer differs from an electric blanket is in their positioning. While an electric blanket acts as a blanket, a bed warmer looks more like a mattress pad - it lays on top of the mattress itself and you in turn lay on top of it.

Bed warmers are often used for the following reasons:

Who benefits from bed warmers?

The heat from a bed warmer can offer relief to people with poor circulation, and can be particularly beneficial for elderly people who tend to have poor circulation, have cold feet, or are prone to illness.

However, it is the energy efficiency of a bed warmer that makes them beneficial to homeowners.

Because bed warmers heat from below, energy is not wasted when it rises and escapes, which is exactly what happens with electric blankets.

And because bed warmers can run all night, homeowners can turn down the house temperature when they're sleeping and still maintain the same level of warmth.

Purchasing a bed warmer

If you're in the market for a bed warmer, you will probably want to consider the following options:

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