Designer Bedding

Bedding is the easiest way to dress up the bedroom and add unique touches to a room, which may otherwise seem dull and boring. Many fashion designers have recognized this fact and now produce beautiful, stylish bedding to complement any bedroom decor. Just as their clothing has a signature look, bedding by fashion houses also has a distinct style. Some of the most popular fashion bedding brands have proven to be as equally popular as bedding. Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, DKNY, Nautica and Nicole Miller are among some of the most popular names in bedding.

While the emergence of fashion bedding brands may be relatively recent, other brands such as Waverly, Laura Ashley, Croscill and Disney are well established and continue to be popular with consumers. Many individuals and families have become accustomed to the soft feel and quality products by these manufacturers. These brands can be found in millions of homes across the country as a testament to its enduring comfort and style.

Retailers such as Macy's, JC Penney, Sears and Target typically carry their own bedding brands in addition to brand names. These "house brands" are often no different than their brand name equivalents and in many cases house brands provide the same trendy designs, comfort and warmth of brand name bedding, but usually at a lower price. When it comes to name brand bedding you are basically paying for the name and not necessarily the quality of the bedding. You can determine the quality of the bedding by reading the label and you will often find that name brand bedding is made exactly the same way as generic bedding.

Although the bedding's design and color provides the initial attraction (and possibly the bedding brand name), materials, thread count and quality craftsmanship should be equally important. Why spend top dollar for a stylish comforter if it's going to deteriorate quickly? Most people can tell just by feeling the material as to whether or not it is good quality. If you can't tell by feeling the fabric, you will be able to tell by reading the labels. When it comes to your bedding, quality and style should go hand-in-hand.

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