Bedding Themes

As the bed is the focus of the bedroom and the bedding is the focus of the bed, then the style and the bedding theme has a major impact on the overall aesthetics of the room. The theme you choose should incorporate your personality and should demonstrate the type of person you are. There are many themes available for the bedding:

Victorian & Antique themed bedding consists of floral patterns, chenille bedspreads and lots of elegant detailing. Embroidery, eyelets, ruffles and rich, luxurious fabrics including velvet, silk and wool are also popular choices in this category. Antique quilts are in high demand in certain areas throughout the world because they add an old-fashioned, yet simple look reminiscent of bygone days.

Sports themed bedding is the perfect way for sports enthusiasts to show their team spirit. Bedding can be officially endorsed by sports associations (NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, and NCAA), complete with team colors and logos. Sports themed bedding can simply represent a particular sport with colors and symbols. For example, baseball themed bedding may include a comforter with the diamond and bases printed on it, a bed skirt in green to represent the outfield and ball and bat shaped decorative pillows. Sports themed bedding is an excellent choice for children, especially young children.

Animal themed bedding adds an exotic and fun touch to any bedroom. Popular animal prints include tiger stripes, leopard spots, zebra-stripes and cow patterns. Not only is this type of bedding very popular among children, but many adult females are opting for tiger and leopard prints as the theme for their bedrooms as well. If you're looking for a truly unique, crazy design for your room, try mixing two types of prints together to form one theme. What about a zebra print bed with leopard print pillows?

Color coordinated themes can include solids, stripes, polka dots, plaid and many other patterns in any color imaginable. Colors can complement each other or contrast to add visual creativity. Your bedding is where you have the opportunity to show off your personality. Create an environment which you are not only comfortable with, but one which you love to live in.

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