A bedspread is a decorative bed cover with little or no padding. When using a bedspread, a blanket must also be used to provide warmth. Also known as coverlets, bedspreads can be used alone or with a bed skirt. Alone, they are long, reach the floor and therefore hide the bed foundation. When used with a bed skirt, the bedspread will stop at the top of the foundation. A bedspread provides more opportunities for a "homemade" look than a comforter does. Bedspreads can be knitted or crocheted, where a comforter cannot (as the filling would spill out). Bedspreads are normally made of cotton using different weaves such chenille, matelassé (faint quilt-like indentations), corduroy and jacquard to get the desired look. Bedspreads include fine details such as eyelets, fringed edges and embroidery. Bedspreads impart the bed with a clean, simple look, as they do not add the bulk as a comforter would.

Bedspreads are great do-it-yourself projects that can be made in less than a couple days. They also make for great gifts since they are so personal and thoughtful. Making a bedspread takes a lot of time and effort and if you are lucky enough to receive one of these items as a gift consider yourself a very lucky person. There are endless styles and designs to choose from in order to personalize your bedspread. Your bedspread will be one of the first things people see when they enter your room, so you will want to make sure it looks nice and matches the décor of your room. You will also want to make sure the size fits your size of bed. Bedspread sizes are available in standard bed and mattress sizes, which include twin, double, king and queen sized beds. The styles and colors of your bedspread will show your personality and add an element of uniqueness to your room.

The cost of these items varies depending on the material used as well as the size and make of the bedspread. The amount of money you are willing to spend will determine not only the quality of the bedspread, but also how long it will last.

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