Blankets and Throws

Blankets and throws are used to provide warmth, and in the case of a throw, provide the bed with a decorative touch. Blankets are designed to fit the bed and are available in regular bed sizes and mattress sizes. Throws tend to be smaller as they are meant for individual use (as opposed to couples). Throws are great for adding extra layers to a bed or for cuddling up on the couch.

Blankets and throws are available in a wide array of materials, colors and styles. More common materials include cotton, polyester, wool, cashmere, acrylic and nylon, finished in fleece, chenille and velour, which impart a soft, cozy feel. Given their decorative nature, throws are more often found in cashmere, chenille, velour and other luxurious materials. Some people enjoy showing off their talent and choose to knit blankets and throws and give them away either as gifts or as a simple gesture of sincerity.

Many individuals choose to match their blankets to their bedding and/or the décor of their room. Blankets and throws are not only used in bedrooms, but also in living rooms, recreational rooms and dens in order to relax and warm up.

Electric, thermal, or warming blankets are also available. Although there are several names for this type of blanket, the concept is the same; a network of fine wires provides electricity to heat the blanket. Many electric blankets feature remote controls, multiple heat settings, automatic on/off settings and "temperature smart" technology. A temperature smart blanket monitors room and body temperature and adjusts the heat accordingly. While modern electric blankets are considered much safer than their predecessors are, it is still advisable to follow the blanket's safety instructions carefully. Electric, thermal and warming blankets are great for camping trips and other outdoor events, which may require a little extra warmth.

Blankets can become very sentimental to individuals and provide a level of comfort beyond just the way they feel. Many individuals become very attached to a certain blanket, especially ones from their childhood. Blankets are a great way to cozy up on the couch and relax in a comfortable atmosphere.

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