Body Pillows

Body pillows are long, narrow and cylindrical shaped, measuring approximately 54" long by 20" wide. They are designed to provide support along the length of the body, especially for side sleepers. Body pillows conform to your body positions, providing support where needed. Propped against the back they help align the spine, reducing lower back pain. Placed between the knees they reduce pressure points through the knees and hips. When "hugged" by the sleeper a body pillow will help alleviate the stress placed on the shoulders and elbows. Body pillows are ideally made of soft a filling material, which allows it to be easily reshaped. Down, cotton and supple synthetic materials are common and generally provide the support you need for a comfortable sleep. Some body pillows are referred to as veggie pillows or bean body pillows. These particular body pillows use the cottony inside fibers of Kapok seedpods (a tree found in South America) - thus providing an organic and environmentally safe filling material.

Most types of pillows are designed to provide support to the back, neck and head; however, body pillows are designed to support the entire body. If you are suffering from the symptoms above (spinal pain, lower back pain and knee pain), you may want to consider purchasing a body pillow to help enhance the quality of sleep you are receiving.

The cost of body pillows will depend highly on the size, the make and the filling of the pillow. Choose the type of pillow that is going to help alleviate the pains you are encountering in specific areas of your body. If you want more support, a cotton or synthetic pillow will best suit you, whereas if you're looking more towards comfort and softness you may want to consider a down pillow.

Ultimately, the pillow you choose is going to have a positive impact on the quality of sleep you are receiving. It is important to find a pillow that allows you to sleep comfortably while providing support to the necessary parts of the body. Body pillows will ensure you receive the comfort and relief you need while you sleep.

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