Cat Beds

Cat beds share many similarities with dog beds - both provide a soft cushion base for comfortable sleep. However, the cat bed design, generally encompass a cat's desire to scratch and climb. Incorporating carpet fibers and heaving cording, these cat beds provide your cat with a centralized, safe spot to scratch (as opposed to the furniture!).

Another style of cat bed, the cat condo, includes many small compartments at various heights, allowing the cat to climb, hide and sleep as needed. As cats tend to enjoy being alone a cat condo provides a dark, private place to sleep. Your cat will enjoy having its own place to relax and sleep and will appreciate having a place where it can go to get away.

Studies show that cats who are treated well in the home will show better behavior in the way they act when you are there and when you leave your home. If they have a place to scratch and lie down, they will not feel the need to scratch your furniture or destroy your favorite pair of running shoes.

Portable cat beds have also become very popular in the last few years. You can purchase great quality cat beds that can be taken on vacation or to the family reunion. This way your cat will feel more involved because he/she won't be left behind every time you go somewhere. These types of cat beds tend to cost slightly more than stabilized cat beds because of the efficiency and convenience they portray.

There are many different styles of cat beds. You can get a brass princess style cat bed, a sleigh bed and even an Austin Powers type round bed. You can even get a custom-made cat bed to suit the personality of you or your cat. Many cat-owners have created replicas of their own beds for their feline friends. Some of these highly stylish cat beds are really expensive; especially if they replicate the pet owners own bed. The cat beds are quite a conversation piece to have in your home and worth it to make Miss Meow…Meow!!!

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