A comforter is a thick, padded bed covering. The comforter is the main source of heat as it pertains to bedding. The comforter consists of a filling, fabric shell and detailing. The filling material gives the comforter its warm and soft feeling. The filling is commonly made of polyester, cotton batting, or wool. Comforters are available in standard bed sizes, which include twin, double, queen and king.

The "loft" of the filling will determine the thickness and insulation ability of the comforter. The filling is encased in the fabric shell, which is constructed using channels (horizontal or vertical columns), boxes; that form a pattern of 4 to 18 inch sized boxes, and rings; small dots sewn through the top and bottom layers of the comforter, giving it a dimpled look. The purpose of these methods is to keep the filling in place.

The heaviness of comforters varies among different models and styles. You can find comforters that are very heavy and designed specifically for extra warmth and you can also find many other forms that are aimed more towards design, while making your bed look nicer.

The fabric shell can be made of cotton, polyester, silk, satin, velvet and many other designs to choose from. As for the details, they can include embroidery, scalloped edges, fringes, ruffles, buttons, bows and so forth. Detailing should be minimized at the top of comforter so as to not irritate the face or neck during sleep. Many homeowners do not tuck their comforter underneath the mattress; instead they let the comforter hang over the sides and foot of the bed. This makes the bed appear neater and more put together.

A comforter is designed to provide comfort, but it also adds to the aesthetics in your room. Many individuals think it's imperative that their comforter match the décor of their room. There are many designs to choose from when it comes to comforters for your bed. There are many floral designs, stripes, plaids and many other themes that are suited to match your bedroom. If you cannot find a style or design you want, there are many companies that will custom design a comforter for you.

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