Daybeds are designed to provide seating when not being used for sleep. Like a futon or sofa bed, the daybed is a convertible, dual-purpose piece of furniture. Daybeds have an appearance similar to a sofa; both have a three-sided frame with a back and two arms. In the case of a daybed, the back is supported by thick cushions which are removed for sleeping or which act as additional sleep pillows. Some daybeds come without a back, in which case the daybed is positioned directly against a wall. The daybed's arms simply act as headboard and footboard. To give the daybed a more traditional bed look, spindles and posts are often built into the arms. This type of bed can look traditional or you can opt for a more modern look by adding leather pillows and leather headboards and footboards. The choice is up to and the look you prefer for your room.

Daybeds share another similarity to futons. Daybeds are also a space saver, making it ideal for smaller rooms, apartments or places without defined living and sleep areas. However, unlike a futon, daybeds don't require to be straightened for sleeping, nor does it require a special folding mattress. Daybeds are effective in maximizing the amount of area in small living quarters, while providing character and personality to a room. Daybeds use standard twin mattresses and bedding. Many daybeds are available combined with a trundle or pullout bed, which provides two separate beds.

Daybed frames are available in a wide variety of styles and materials that support both bed and sofa looks. Wrought iron daybeds, metal daybeds, wood daybeds, wicker daybeds, brass daybeds and sleigh daybed styles are among the most popular.

You can create the look you desire by choosing a daybed style, which matches the décor of both your bedroom and your bedding. If you are looking for a fancy, elegant look, a metal or brass daybed may best suit your tastes. If you like a casual, comfortable look, perhaps a wood daybed would suit you best. Regardless of the style you choose, your daybed will provide you with the style and efficiency you need for your bedroom.

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