Daybed Covers

If you live in a small apartment, one without well-defined living areas (that's realtor speak for "there's no real bedroom – everything is all in one room"), chances are you have struggled with figuring out how to furnish your space. Putting a large bed in there won't work because it will take up far too much floor space. Yet putting in a twin bed will simply look too juvenile. The solution? A daybed!

However, it isn't as simple as just selecting your favorite style of daybed and placing it in your space (though that is, of course, your first step). In order to make that daybed look as though it belongs (and in order to make the daybed covers look chic and smart) you will need to choose the ideal daybed ensemble.

Selecting a Daybed Ensemble

Your daybed bedding shouldn't look like regular bedding, per se. It will basically be a daybed comforter set, but it should look modern and tasteful – it needs to make your daybed look like a cross between a sofa and a bed. After all, you want people who come to your apartment to know that your daybed is to be used as a sofa; that it isn't only your bed. If your daybed covers look too bed-like, people may avoid sitting on it.

You need to choose a daybed comforter that isn't too poofy and bed-like. You may want to opt for a suede daybed ensemble or a leather daybed ensemble. Either of these options will make your daybed covers look more like an inviting sofa. Also, make sure to pile on some coordinating cushions along the back of the daybed. Add extra pillows, too – the more, the merrier. As for your daybed linens, it really doesn't matter too much what is underneath your daybed covers, since they'll be covered up by the daybed ensemble.

Additionally, the daybed covers you use for your sofa don't need to be the covers you use for sleeping – you can use separate daybed covers and pillows for each. It may be a pain to make the bed each morning and evening that way, but living in a small space like a one-room apartment might make that necessary.

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