Dog Beds

Dog beds have experienced an explosion in popularity over the last few years. Gone are the days of simple plastic or wicker baskets with an old blanket for comfort - dog beds today are designed for maximum comfort and style. Many individuals take as much time choosing a bed for their dog as they do for themselves.

Likewise, individuals are choosing to spend more and more money on their feline friends. One of the more common dog beds is the donut shaped bed; it includes a cushioned base encircled by raised padded sides. For added luxury and pampering, dog lovers can choose an orthopedic dog bed or a thermal dog bed, which are perfect for the older or arthritic pet. Dog beds are often constructed of heavy-duty materials made to withstand chewing. For added durability, look for dog beds with removable, washable covers. Most dog beds are filled with foam or less commonly, cedar shavings, which repels fleas.

The size of your dog should dictate the size (outer and inner diameters) of the bed:

Dog beds also provide a sense of security and a place of their own. The dog bed you choose will depend on the style, size and make of the bed. It will also depend highly on the amount of money you are willing to spend. A thermal dog bed will obviously cost you more than a normal dog bed. Ultimately, the decision is yours, as to how much you want to spend and how long you want it to last. Remember, if you buy a cheap dog bed, you will get what you pay for. Cat beds are also a great thing to buy for your feline family friend.

Your dog should sleep in comfort, just like you.

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