Featherbeds are essentially mattress toppers filled with feathers, down or both. Featherbeds are placed either under the fitted sheet or directly on top of it. Featherbeds are very comfortable. Its soft, luxurious feel provides that "sinking into bed" sensation.

Featherbeds are constructed using one of three methods:

Featherbeds that use 100% white goose-down provide the softest feel and are considered the highest quality. If you are looking for a truly comfortable bed that will provide you with all the essentials for a good night sleep, a goose-down featherbed would be your top choice. Next in quality are duck-down featherbeds. Duck-down clusters are smaller than goose-down, thus more duck-down is required to fill the featherbed to reach the same insulation and support of its goose-down counterpart. As a result, duck-down featherbeds are heavier and firmer than goose-down featherbeds. These types of beds are beneficial for individuals who require neck and back support while sleeping. Lastly, there are down-feather blends. The percentage of down vs. feather is indicated by how the featherbed is labeled: down-feather blends have more down, while feather-down blends consist of more feathers. Some brands even list the actual percentage for each, for example, down-feather: 80/20.

Finally, when considering a featherbed look for those finished in 100% cotton with a thread count of 200 or more. The cotton allows the down to breathe, providing an ideal level of warmth. Featherbeds will provide you will a comfortable night sleep, so you can wake feeling rested and energetic.

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