Foundation and Box Spring

The foundation is the bottom component of the sleep set and it supports the mattress. The foundation absorbs the stress and weight placed on the bed - it's comparable to the shocks of a car. Traditionally, bed foundations are built of wood and those incorporating springs are known as a box spring. Springs provide "give," which allows your body weight to be more evenly distributed. Today there are multiple foundation types available serving various support needs:

The posture box foundation is a wooden frame with a flat top, which is covered with fabric to match the mattress. This style of foundation does not include springs and tends to absorb mattress weight less effectively. These foundations are usually low-cost and as a result, they have a shorter lifespan.

The semi-flex grid foundation is a wooden frame with a rigid metal wire grid suspended above support slats. This foundation is firm and provides minimal "give" in supporting the mattress.

The foam foundation is made of dense foam. This foam foundation is used to support a foam mattress only. This foundation distributes mattress weight evenly, prolonging the mattress life.

The coil spring foundation is also known as a box spring since it uses a system of spring coils to support the mattress. The cone-shaped coils are made of heavy-gauge wire to absorb mattress weight in a uniform manner. This foundation provides a high level of support and has a softer feel than springless foundations. A coil spring foundation can have a slight side-to-side sway under sudden movements.

The modular grid or torsion grid foundation is considered to provide the best mattress support. Heavy-gauge square coils are attached to a wooden frame containing many support slats. The square coils evenly absorb and distribute weight torsion, resulting in a long lasting mattress. Modular grid foundations are common with top quality sleep sets.

Any of the suggestions listed above will provide you with the support and comfort you need to maintain an effective sleeping ritual. The type of foundation and box spring you choose for your bed will have a great impact on the overall effectiveness of your bed as a whole. Choose carefully in order to ensure you make the best decision possible.

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