Four Poster Beds

Dating to the 14 th century four poster beds were curtained to provide privacy because it was common practice for family members to share one bedroom. Today, four poster beds can be found with or without curtains, it's a matter of preference. The duration of the original four poster bed style can be credited to the tall, graceful posts situated at every corner of the bed. Posts start at 3 feet and can be as tall as 8 feet to reach some ceilings. For stability each bed post is usually connected at the top by horizontal beams creating a square. The curtains are hung from the beams.

Of the many styles and materials available traditional wood carved four poster beds are among the most popular because they lend the room an elegant, timeless look. Metal four poster beds, with their sleek, clean lines, are ideal for those with more contemporary bedroom tastes. Curtains add a romantic touch. Silk and satins are light and airy, while velvets are considered luxurious.

Four poster beds are best suited to large, open bedrooms with high ceilings; otherwise the bed may look cramped.

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