Futon Covers

The futon cover protects the futon mattress. One of the key benefits of a futon cover is its ability to be easily removed and washed. Another futon cover benefit is the huge selection of prints and colors available. Popular prints include floral, stripes, plaids, contemporary, Asian, animal and tie-dyed. Look for durable, heavy fabrics in a futon cover; such as cotton, polyester, denim and acrylic blends. For a more luxurious look futon covers are also available in leather, suede and velvet. Those with more whimsical tastes can choose from vinyl, terry cloth or fun fur futon covers. Stain-resistant or weather-proofing finishes provide your futon cover with additional protection against stains and sun, wind and humidity (dampness) damage.

For those who enjoy redecorating the affordable prices of futon covers allow you to change the cover as often as you like. Prices range from $30 - $300 depending on the cover's material, size, quality and design.

When shopping for a futon cover ensure you know the size and thickness of your futon mattress. If you have a queen sized, 9 inch thick, futon mattress don't buy a double sized, 8 inch thick, futon cover. Although it may seem "close enough" in reality the wrong futon cover size will result in a poor fit – or worse, it may not fit at all.

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