Gel Mattress

Originally designed for maximum pressure relief, gel mattresses are most often used for medical purposes. Available in various forms, the gel in the mattress contours to the body to prevent bed or pressure sores and ulcers.

The Intelli-Bed brand

One of the most popular gel beds on the market today is the Intelli-Bed. Filled with a rubber-like substance called Gelastic, which is the same material used in some gel shoe insoles, it stands firm beneath light pressure, but bends and fold under increased pressure areas, such as hips and heels, contouring to the body and thus relieving pressure. Gelastic is such a strong and pliable material that it can be stretched to more than 20 times its resting length and snap right back into its original shape. No wonder this bed is so popular!

Purchasing a gel mattress

Coming in among the more expensive mattresses, gel mattresses are ideal for those suffering from back, neck or shoulder pain. Not only is the sleep surface generally a bit cooler than a foam or innerspring mattress (this is because the gel causes a bit of air circulation), but many reviewers of gel mattresses claim it has significantly reduced their pain, and is recommended by some chiropractors, as well.

Your new gel mattress should be comfortable from the get-go. Though some people say the extra lower lumbar support is a different feeling, it is always said to be very easy to get used to and is part of what makes gel mattresses so comfortable. When testing out gel mattresses, make sure it has even movement of the gel. There's nothing worse than having the gel pool below your neck when you lift your head.

If you already have a gel mattress and love the benefits, you should look for the following gel products that can be used around your home:

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