Guest Beds

When you're shopping for guest beds, it's important to find a balance between comfort, usability and price. As a buyer, it's up to you to decide how much money you have in your budget to add a guest bed to your home furnishings. Once you've set your budget, you can choose from folding beds, rollaway beds, air beds, hideaway beds, sofa beds or even trundle beds.

Guest Beds for Storage

Guest beds designed for easy storage include folding beds, rollaway beds and trundle beds. A folding bed simply folds in half, frame and mattress and all. It is then strapped together for express storage, in a closet or other convenient location.

A folding bed is not unlike the kind of bed you'd see at an army camp. While they have a reputation for being uncomfortable, you can always buy a more comfortable mattress. A rollaway bed is similar to a folding bed, except with wheels for easy moving and storage.

Trundle beds make excellent guest beds because they're comfortable, yet easy to stow away. They can be stored under daybeds, like a drawer, and pulled out when needed. Trundle beds typically have traditional mattresses and are perfect for kids. When you're finished using the trundle bed, you can simply put it away. Hideaway beds are another option; these can easily be tucked away, either in a part of the wall or a closet.

Guest Beds for Comfort

Guest beds that provide a high level of comfort include both air beds and sofa beds. Air beds are inflated with a pump, and once the mattress has been aired up, you can place sheets and blankets on it and offer your guests a comfortable night's rest.

Sleeping on sofa beds is comfortable, and you can keep sheets over them at all times for added convenience. Since these beds are also useful pieces of living room furniture, they're perfect for guests visiting on an extended stay.

When buying the guest bed, use your needs and budget to guide your shopping. If you have frequent visitors in your home, choosing a bed that provides comfort above all else may be the best way to go. For homes with fewer visitors, choose an economy model that you can store easily.

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