Headboards and Footboards

Of the different sleep set components, the headboard and footboard have little impact on support and stability; at most, they prevent the mattress from sliding and keep pillows and bedding in place. However, as the focal point of the bed, headboards and footboards play an important role in overall aesthetics. Homeowners have unlimited headboard styles, headboard shapes and headboard materials to choose from. Popular styles include contemporary headboards, antique headboards and country style headboards. Headboard and footboard shapes are usually a variation of a rectangle or half-moon with many shapes featuring unique cutouts, angles and details. The most popular headboard materials are wood, brass and wrought iron; however, leather headboards are becoming an increasingly popular choice for many homeowners, especially black leather headboards. Headboards can be connected to the bed frame or attached directly to the wall. Headboards and footboards are possibly the best way to personalize your bedding.

Creating custom headboards has become a popular do-it-yourself (DIY) project that requires very little skill. These require a great deal of time and work, but the outcome will be worth it. Homeowners can use almost any material to design and build a headboard and footboard unique to their bedroom. Even though you will have to pay for the materials to make the headboards and footboards, doing it yourself will save you a great deal of money in the end. One of the most popular styles of DIY headboards is the bookcase bed, which has a bookcase built right into the headboard or extends from the sides of the headboard. Bookcase beds are a great option to get extra storage space in your bedroom.

The cost to purchase headboards from a store will vary depending on the material, make, style of the pieces and the bed size – which range from twin to king size. Headboards and footboards are not required in the actual functioning of the bed and many prefer to do without one. Although many individuals tend to skip this element of bedding, they make the bed pleasing to the eye. Without a headboard and a footboard the mattress just looks like a mattress, there's no personality to it.

If you want your room to look unique, consider purchasing a creative headboard and footboard and give your room the personality it deserves.

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