Hospital Beds

As the name suggests, hospital beds are specialty beds used in hospitals and other long-term care facilities. They are designed to provide optimal body alignment and health benefits to patients. Hospital beds must also provide the medical staff with full access to patients. For this reason, hospital beds are adjustable (just like commercial adjustable beds) and use an electric motor to change the bed's positions. Hospital beds can also include heat and massage features, which can provide additional therapeutic benefits to patients. However, unlike their retail counterparts, hospital beds generally have a limited number of positions, based on eating, working, watching television, reading, relaxing and sleeping.

Hospital beds are designed to enhance the abilities of individuals who are confined to beds for either a short period of time or a prolonged period of time, depending on the situation. As noted above, this type of bed is very effective in making it easier for ill or injured individuals to move, sleep and eat. This type of bed also helps doctors and nurses perform their duties for individuals who find it physically impossible to sit up.

Hospital beds are used at home in cases of long-term home care or home rehabilitation. Most people will opt to rent the bed, if possible, because hospital beds are very expensive to buy. A twin size hospital bed starts at over $1000. Even renting a hospital bed can become very expensive because of the technology and the effectiveness of this type of bed. It's best to research all your options before you decide on renting or buying a hospital bed.

Perhaps in the future the cost of hospital beds may lower, but for now, they are basically too expensive for the average individual (or family) to own. If you think you need a hospital bed, do some research and you may find a bed for a lower price or a discounted bed that suits your needs. Otherwise, your best option is look at some adjustable beds, which offer some of the same features. This type will likely accommodate your needs and more importantly suit your budget.

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