Hypoallergenic Pillows

Hypoallergenic pillows contain allergy-free filling materials. For this reason, hypoallergenic pillows are constructed using mostly synthetic fibers, in particular polyester, latex and memory foam. The natural fibers, such as down, feathers and wool are eliminated. The exception is cotton, which does not usually cause allergic reactions. Hypoallergenic pillows normally include a specially weaved ticking to prevent dust, mold and other allergens from entering the pillow.

Dust (dust mites) and down are considered the worst offenders of pillow filling allergens. Therefore, the effectiveness of "hypoallergenic down pillows" is controversial. Is it actually the down that causes an allergic reaction or the dust mites present in the down? Some pillow manufacturers say it is the dust mites that are the actual culprits since such hypoallergenic down pillows are effective, so long as the dust mites are removed from the down (using a special cleaning process). Others claim both dust mites and down are true allergens, thus a hypoallergenic down pillow cannot prevent allergic reactions. At any rate, if you're allergic to either dust or down it's advisable to avoid any down filled pillow.

Trying to sleep while suffering from allergies is very difficult. Allergy sufferers will do anything to try and alleviate the symptoms they experience while attempting to sleep. For this reason, when hypoallergenic pillows were first released they were desired by allergy sufferers everywhere. The fact that a pillow has the potential to alleviate the awful symptoms associated with allergies was unknown for so long, which is why they are currently so popular.

The cost of hypoallergenic pillows varies highly depending on the size, make and the pillow filling materials. The cost of these types of pillows is generally considerably higher than most other forms of pillows because of the effects and the comfort they provide while sleeping. If you suffer from allergies, you will probably agree that alleviating the symptoms so you can sleep better is worth the extra few dollars you will be spending.

Hypoallergenic pillows can be found at any store that sells normal pillows. Bed stores, online shops, bedding stores and department stores are probably your best options when looking to purchase this form of pillow.

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