Baby Beds and Cradles

Every parent, grandparent, babysitter and any other type of caregiver out there knows how difficult it can be to put a little one down at night. But, there are ways to make it a little easier: tell them a story, gently rock them, or create a beautiful bed that the little prince or princess can't resist.

Beginning with a bassinet and moving into a cradle because they're more stable, infant beds are designed to restrict baby's movement while they are in bed. If you're looking to design and create that perfect sleeping haven for your little one, remember that children are often more sensitive than adults, so it's best to avoid:

What about the mattress?

An important aspect of any bed, and certainly one not to be overlooked for infants, is the mattress. Bassinet and cradle mattresses are available in a plethora of types, styles, designs and fits - you can even get custom cradle mattresses. All this can complicate your decision-making process. So, here's a few things to keep in mind when cradle mattress shopping.

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