Inflatable Air Mattresses

Air mattresses have come a long way since the days where you would have to spend an hour or two blowing up the bladder with your own hot air. Nowadays, there are several options available to you, and inflatable mattresses serve many purposes around the home.

Extra house guests

If you've ever played host to a big family or friends, chances are you've had more guests spending the night than available beds. It's times like these that make owning an inflatable air mattress a necessity.

Roughing it

Perhaps you're going camping and sleeping on the ground has lost its romance. Inflatable air mattresses are easy to transport and won't take up too much space when deflated.

The inflatable air mattress reality

If you've ever slept on one of these temporary beds, chances are good that you woke up in the morning on a significantly less inflated mattress than what you started with. How can you avoid this? There are a couple of things to watch out for when shopping for an air bed:

Taking the rough out of roughing it

Do you already have the top-of-the-line inflatable air mattress with heavy-duty automatic pump that's free of any holes and is still uncomfortable? Then, you might want to invest in an air mattress topper.

Air mattress ratings

If you're looking to compare, rate or rank air mattresses, check out this handy review page to learn about the best of the best, and the worst of the worst.

Also, take a look at our air mattress page for information about more permanent air mattresses.

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