Isotonic Pillows

Isotonic® pillows are known for their contoured shape that properly positions the neck to relieve discomfort. These pillows are usually made of memory foam to provide superior neck and head support. The memory foam pillow conforms to the neck curvature, relieves pressure points and provides optimal stability. While memory foam is temperature sensitive, these pillows will soften according to body heat and remain comfortable and supportive over a wide range of temperatures. The unique contour shape easily accommodates any sleep position, whether it's on the stomach, side or back. Pillows are 4 to 6 inches deep with the loft increasing with each gained inch. Finally, the channel ventilation design allows air to circulate, preventing the pillow from "over heating."

If you suffer from head and neck pain, either while sleeping or while you're awake, you may want to consider purchasing an isotonic pillow. The head and neck pain you're experiencing now can pose huge health risks in the future. You will want to purchase a pillow that is designed specifically to help with these issues. Regardless of the position, you sleep in or where your aches and pains are, isotonic pillows will help to alleviate the pain you may be experiencing while you sleep. If you aren't currently experiencing any pain, an isotonic pillow will ensure you keep your body in the best condition possible.

Isotonic pillows generally cost more than the average pillow because of its effects while sleeping. You can pay a low price for a pillow, but it won't help you sleep, so what's the point? Why not spend a few extra dollars and ensure you're getting the best sleep possible? The cost of your pillow can actually determine the effectiveness of it. If a pillow costs more, generally it is because it is made with materials that are more expensive and is designed for support and comfort while sleeping. Spending a few extra dollars and purchasing an isotonic pillow can mean the difference between a comfortable, restful sleep and a night filled with discomfort and irritation.

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