Loft Beds

Loft beds are becoming increasingly popular in places such as studio apartments, college dorm rooms and vacation homes. Raised several feet off the ground, loft beds provide room underneath for desks, cabinets, drawers and shelves. Like sofa beds and wall beds, loft beds are great space savers. In keeping with the space saving design, loft beds are generally available in twin sizes and less commonly double sizes. Larger sizes of a loft bed usually need to be custom ordered. For easy assembly and moving, and greater affordability, loft beds are made of wood, usually pine. Lower end models start around $200 and with more luxurious models of oak, maple or birch a loft bed could cost $2500 or more.

As noted above, loft beds are only available in the two smallest sizes, which means this type of bed is limited to certain types of individuals. Because they are only available in smaller sizes loft beds are not usually the first choices of beds for couples or individuals who prefer a lot of space while sleeping. These beds are more suitable for temporary purposes such as college or university dorms, where additional space is required in the room. These types of beds are also suitable for guest rooms, which are smaller and require additional space for your guest's belongings. Finally, these types of beds are excellent for children who often have too many toys and clothes for just one bedroom. It provides a lot of additional space and the size isn't an issue considering most children have smaller beds to begin with.

If you are looking to purchase a bed that is practical and durable, you may want to consider a loft bed. The price of these beds depends on the style, size and type of wood, but generally, they are fairly inexpensive for most middle-end models.

If you have spent the money on a loft bed and are requiring some assistance with the bedding and bedding accessories associated with this type of bed, feel free to check out our pages on bedding accessories and decorative bed pillows. These should help you with ideas on how to "spruce" up your loft bed.

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