Maternity Pillows

Maternity pillows are designed to properly support the expanding abdomen of pregnant women. Maternity pillows are available in three different shapes: a large rectangle, a long cylinder and a crescent moon.

The rectangular shaped maternity pillow can be used one of two ways: it can be placed under the back to properly support the lower back (lower back pain is common during pregnancy) or when sleeping on the side it is placed under the hips, length extended outwards, cushioning the abdomen.

The cylindrical maternity pillow is similar in shape and use of a body pillow. The length of the pillow runs along the side of the body, cushioning the abdomen. Finally, with a crescent moon maternity pillow, the arch of the moon supports the abdomen and the hips rest directly on the mattress. The crescent moon maternity pillow also doubles as a breast-feeding pillow. The mother sits on the inside of the arch, with the baby facing inwards on her lap, and the pillow wraps around them both, supporting the backs of both mother and child.

Maternity pillows are always made of soft, flexible filling materials such as down or cotton or, in some cases, soft synthetic beads providing a "bean bag" effect. These materials provide the most comfort for a pregnant woman while sleeping and relaxing.

It is important for the average person to get a good night sleep, but it is even more important for a pregnant woman to receive the highest quality of sleep possible. A pillow, which provides the user with support and comfort, is crucial for a woman who is going through the process of pregnancy. Alleviating any type of pressure or pain can greatly increase the physical, mental and emotional health of a mom-to-be.

If spending a few extra dollars in order to get restful sleep can help you wake feeling rested, don't you think it's worth it? You don't want to take any chances when you're pregnant and you want the process to be as comfortable as possible. Maybe you'll be lucky and someone will give you a maternity pillow at your baby shower.

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