Mattress Buying Tips

Purchasing a mattress is an expensive, yet important, decision. To ensure you get the mattress that best meets your sleep needs, consider the following mattress buying tips:

  1. Determine your sleep needs: how many hours of sleep do you require? How much sleep space do you require? Do you have any health issues which impact your sleep (arthritis, back pain, allergies etc.)? How much comfort and support do you require? Do you prefer a firm mattress or soft mattress? By determining your sleep needs in advance you can focus your research and shopping efforts.
  2. Determine the size of mattress you need and get the biggest mattress that your bedroom and budget can accommodate.
  1. Visit manufacturer websites and read consumer reports to get an idea of the available mattress types, features and prices.
  2. Visit mattress stores and be sure to lie down on different mattresses for several minutes. If you have a partner, both of you should lie on the mattress together. Change positions as you would during the night. Does the mattress provide the necessary support and comfort? In short get a feel for what it would be like to sleep on the mattress every night.
  3. Ask the store sales person as many questions as possible. Having the all the facts will help you make an informed final decision.
  4. Spend as much as your budget allows. Look for the best value and not the lowest price.
  5. Buy a new foundation when you buy the mattress. They are meant to work together; placing a new mattress on an old, rundown foundation will reduce mattress support and comfort. Also, consider buying a matching brand of mattress and foundation; it maximizes the effectiveness of the sleep set.
  6. Look for quality; the mattress should be free of defects and workmanship mistakes. Carefully inspect all seams and surfaces. Consider buying a brand name mattress. Certain brands are popular for a reason. Their mattresses provide the best comfort, support, durability and quality.
  7. Get a warranty. Reputable mattress manufacturers guarantee their mattresses against workmanship flaws and product defects for up to 10 years (the average life span of a mattress). However, warranties do not cover normal wear and tear or eventual loss of support.
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