Mattress Pads

Mattress pads (or mattress covers) protect and prolong the life of a mattress. Mattress pads are similar to mattress toppers; both add a layer of supplemental comfort to the mattress. However, a mattress topper is much thicker than a mattress pad and constructed to provide more support. Mattress pads consist of two parts: a thin pad, made of polyester, cotton (quilted), wool, foam and latex, and a covering, which allows the pad to be secured to the mattress. When choosing a mattress pad for your bed, there are five main types to consider before you buy:

Wrap mattress pads completely cover the top and sides of the mattress with quilted padding. The entire bottom edge of the cover is elasticized to remain firmly in place. This is the most secure type of mattress pad available.

Fitted mattress pads cover the top and sides of the mattress, however only the top is padded. Unlike wrap mattress pads, which have elastic running along the entire edge of the cover, only the corners are elasticized with fitted mattress pads.

Guaranteed fit mattress pads are a variation of the wrap and fitted mattress pads. All sides of the cover (whether they're padded or not) are flexible, allowing the pad to fit over the deepest of mattresses. Anchor mattress pads cover only the top of the mattress. Elastic straps are used to secure the corners, making this the least secure of available mattress pads.

Thermal mattress pads (or warming mattress pads): are exactly the same as the wrap or fitted mattress pads, as far as construction and materials used, but have an added network of fine wires, which provides electricity to heat the pad. Many thermal mattress pads feature remote controls, multiple heat settings, automatic on/off settings and "temperature smart" technology, in which the blanket monitors room and body temperature and adjusts the heat accordingly.

Once you have researched each type of mattress pad you can determine which is the best suited for you and your bed. Mattress pads are available in different depths to accommodate the different mattress styles. For a proper, secure fit, the mattress pad should be deeper than the mattress.

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