Mattress Toppers and Overlays

Mattress toppers add a layer of supplemental comfort and support to the mattress. Mattress toppers are usually one to five inches thick, providing softer or firmer support as desired. When it comes to mattress toppers, there are four main types to consider before making any decisions:

Air mattress topper or aero mattress topper: Similar to an air mattress or aero mattress, the mattress topper is approximately one to two inches thick and uses air contained within specially designed chambers to provide support. Many allow the air pressure to be adjusted and come with control features. For extra softness, look for air mattress / aero mattress toppers finished in a cotton sleep surface.

Memory foam mattress topper: Constructed with high-density polyurethane foam, memory foam mattress toppers (also called Visco Elastic toppers) mold to body contours, providing excellent comfort and support. Memory foam mattress toppers are temperature sensitive. In colder temperatures, the topper has a firmer feel and in warmer temperatures the topper feels softer because the foam adjusts accordingly to body heat. Memory foam mattress toppers are usually two to five inches thick, with the latter providing firmer support.

Foam mattress topper or egg carton mattress topper: Also called convoluted toppers or therma-foam toppers, these mattress toppers come in various styles: flat, egg carton, interconnected blocks and tri-zones (different patterns for the head, torso and feet). All provide some level of body contouring, but not to the same extent as memory foam toppers. Foam mattress toppers are usually a half inch to three inches thick. Thicker pads provide more support, have a firmer feel and last longer than their thinner counterparts.

Wool mattress toppers: These mattress toppers provide soft support and a luxurious feel. Another key benefit is warmth. Wool is a wonderful insulator and draws moisture away from the surface of the topper. Wool mattress toppers are normally up to two inches thick.

Eurotop mattress toppers: Also known as a pillow top mattress, it is essentially an added layer made of a variety of different materials that provides pure and soft comfort.

Essentially the same as a mattress topper, a mattress overlay also provides additional elements of support and comfort, likely something your original mattress did not. If you are having difficulties sleeping and do not want to purchase a whole new mattress, perhaps a mattress topper or overlay is a better choice to suit your needs.

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