Types of Mattresses

The mattress is considered to be the most important component of your bed. Mattresses are the determining factor as to whether or not you receive a good night sleep. There are many mattress types available to suit a wide array of sleep needs. Below you will find a list of types of mattresses, as well how each form of mattress will contribute to providing you with a restful sleep:

Mattress Styles

Innerspring Mattresses - Innerspring mattresses provide maximum support and firmness to the user. If you feel like the mattress you have now does not give you the support you need, you may want to consider switching to an innerspring mattress.

Air Mattresses - Air mattresses are designed to relieve discomfort due to back or joint pain. If you wake up with sore back muscles and aching joints, an air mattress may accommodate to your needs perfectly.

Memory Foam Mattresses - Memory foam mattresses are great for individuals who suffer from allergies. This type of mattress eliminates allergens, providing you with cleaner air to sleep and get the rest you need.

Mattress Sizes

Twin - Twin size mattresses are also known as single mattresses and are the smallest size of mattress available. These are usually used for children; however, they are also effective for adults who live on their own.

Double - Double mattresses are average size and are big enough to fit two grown adults. Double mattresses are usually the size you will find in the hotel rooms with two beds. These are the second smallest in size.

Queen - Queen sized mattresses are bigger than average and provide more than enough room for two fully-grown adults. They are the second largest size of mattresses available.

King - King sized mattresses are the largest form of mattress on the market and provide enough room for two grown adults and possibly one or two children. This is the type of bed you will find in hotel suites.

Extended - Extended mattresses are designed for individuals who are tall and need a mattress that is extra long. It is important to note that when you purchase an extended mattress it will be longer, but the material added to the length will be lost in the width.

While there is only a handful of actual mattress types, the mattress materials, mattress construction and mattress sizes of each presents thousands of available combinations - it's just a matter of finding that unique mattress type combination that works for you.

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