Nation's Pride Mattresses

Nation's Pride creates luxury mattresses that focus on superior materials and craftsmanship. Each mattress features a steel coil configuration, which helps maintain proper spinal alignment, relieves muscles and back pain and conforms to unique body types. These mattresses are designed to help your body receive the support and comfort it needs while you sleep.

A motion absorbing foam base is twice as thick as other mattresses. A coiled perimeter reinforces the edges of the mattress. The filling is comprised of layers of high-density foam, wool, cotton, memory foam and cashmere. An additional lumbar support layer provides support specifically to the back. Finally, the ticking is made of damask, providing a soft, lush feel. These components are combined together in order to produce the most effective type of mattress on the market. These elements are a necessity in maintaining a comfortable sleeping position, where the back and neck are aligned.

Nation's Pride mattresses are available in standard mattress sizes, which include twin (single), double, queen, king and California king. The cost of your mattress will depend on the size of the mattress as well as the style. Each style provides a level of comfort to the user and it is your job as a consumer to find out which style will suit your sleeping needs best. Choose carefully, the type of mattress you choose could be the deciding factor in whether or not you receive a good night sleep.

If you suffer from back and neck problems (or even if you don't) you may want to consider purchasing a Nation's Pride mattress. Likewise, if you don't suffer from pain, but find it difficult to sleep comfortably throughout the night, this mattress may suit your needs as well. The way you sleep will have a great impact on the way you feel on a daily basis. Ensuring you receive the best sleep possible is important and crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Purchasing a Nation's Pride mattress is your first step in ensuring you receive a comfortable night's sleep, so you can wake up and face the day with a positive attitude.

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