Night Stands

Choosing night stands for your bedroom should not be an afterthought. They offer a subtle but effective way to enhance your interior design, and their functionality makes them must-have accessories. Most night stands offer some storage space where you can keep the items you need for your nighttime routine. The simplest ones, though, are simply small tables where you can place an alarm clock or leave your reading glasses.

Other night stands have several drawers, which is preferable for those who may have reading materials, grooming products and personal items to store. Drawers help keep unsightly clutter from spoiling the beauty of the room. Combination units that use both shelves and drawers are also available. If you don't have a need for storage space, a small round bedside table with a floor-length cloth lends an elegant appeal to the room.

When choosing night stands for both sides of the bed, keep in mind that they do not need to match. In fact, designers today recommend that you change them up unless you're going for a strictly formal look. If there are two of you in the room, you can each choose a night stand based on your own personal preferences. To tie all the design elements together, ensure that both tables have something in common. The finish, the general style, or the color can match; the other details don't have to.

Contemporary Night Stands

There are numerous appealing styles of contemporary night stands to choose from. The sleek, clean lines of Scandinavian and mission styles come in a variety of finishes. Light, natural wood or white night stands are popular, and complement many contemporary fabrics and quilts. At the other end of the spectrum, espresso brown and matte black night stands make a striking statement in a contemporary room. Metal night stands and bedside tables are available in several finishes, including brushed pewter, nickel and brass. These contemporary night stands often feature glass tops, both clear and frosted.

Saving on Night Stands

A wonderful variety of cheap night stands is available at local discount department stores. Also, check out local yard sales and flea markets, as well as secondhand stores and thrift stores. You can often find a great bargain. You may need to do a little refinishing, but think of it as an opportunity to add a touch of your own personality and artistic flair while saving money!

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