Nursing Pajamas

If you are planning on breastfeeding your newborn baby, it is likely that you have been doing a lot of reading about how to make the process easier, as well as how to increase your chances of success in nursing. After all, every mother-to-be has heard stories about women having difficulties in getting their babies to breastfeed, and fears the same problem happening to her.

You have probably been so focused on reading up about the breastfeeding process that you haven't taken the time to consider the few items you will need once you have begun nursing your newborn. There aren't many things you will need as far as nursing goes, but there are a couple of essentials that you should have on hand when you come home with your baby.

Nursing Pajamas

This is one of the most necessary items for nursing women. You may not have considered getting nursing pajamas, but once you have them, you will greatly appreciate them. Nursing pajamas should be purchased first as maternity nursing pajamas. In other words, you should buy these pajamas in whatever size you are wearing towards the end of your pregnancy. You can always purchase smaller sizes later, but you will need to wear these right away, so get pajamas that will fit you now.

Nursing pajamas have special slots or flaps lift aside so that the baby can nurse without the mother having to remove her top. This is extremely convenient – otherwise, the mother would have to take an arm out of a sleeve, slide the pajama top up to her neck or take the shirt off entirely. There are also maternity nursing gowns that function the same way, with slots or flaps at the top of the gown.

Nursing Bra

You will also need a nursing bra. Like the nursing pajamas, you need to purchase this in a size that will fit you now because you'll need to wear it right away. Nursing bras have hooks that allow the cup of the bra to fold down to allow the baby access to the breast without the mother having to remove the entire bra. This is quite useful and practical, and can be used in conjunction with the nursing pajamas for maximum comfort for the mother.

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