Pillow Shams

Pillow shams are decorative covers for pillows. Pillow shams are similar to decorative bed pillows in that they add to the overall bed aesthetics, however as pillow shams cover fully-functional pillows, support is not an issue (unlike decorative bed pillows).

Pillow shams feature either straight or ruffled edges. They are also available in many styles, colors, fabrics and patterns. Pillow shams are meant to complement the entire sleep set bedding, as such they are often included in bed in a bag sets. When purchasing pillow shams, you should follow the same guidelines as bed sheets and pillow cases. Be sure to select those with a thread count of 200 or more.

The following is a list of popular styles for pillow shams:

Floral - floral prints are very popular for pillow shams because they provide a pretty, feminine look. Floral prints are often chosen by women and are often found in women's rooms or rooms of little girls.

Sports - Sports pillow shams are become more and more popular and are often found in the rooms of young boys. Sports paraphernalia is very popular regardless of the style, which is why they are such a popular choice for pillow shams.

Plaid - Plaid is a safe, casual design for pillow shams. Plaid often goes with a number of types of bedroom décor and is a traditional design which many people love. Plaids are also often associated with elderly individuals and these types of designs may be more appreciated by the older generation.

Solids - If you are unsure about pillow sham styles, perhaps a solid color is your best choice. Solid colors are also safe, but always look elegant and classic. Solid colors are easier to match with the décor of bedrooms and easily adaptable to many types of rooms (adult, children, girls, boys, etc.).

When choosing pillow shams, keep in mind the design of the sham, the décor of the room and who occupies the room. Some designs are not suitable for all individuals or all types of décor. Most of all have fun with your pillow shams and let your personality show through the designs you choose.

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