Pillows are essential for providing proper neck alignment, shoulder alignment and support while we sleep. Like a mattress, a pillow that does not provide proper support will result in discomfort, which in turn disrupts sleep. For this reason it is essential to have the proper pillow firmness level to support your sleep position, the ideal pillow filling materials, the proper pillow size for your bed size and it should be is designed to accommodate any special needs.

In order for you to choose a pillow which suits you best, you must first understand all the concepts relating to these bedding accessories.

Pillow Firmness - The firmness of your pillow will affect your head and neck muscles. If you do not have the appropriate level of firmness for your body requirements, you will wake up with sore neck muscles and headaches.

Pillow Filling Materials - There are many materials that can be used to fill a pillow. Down pillows are the softest type of pillow on the market, but other materials such as foam, latex and polyester will provide you with the neck and head support you need for a comfortable sleep.

Pillow Sizes - There are a number of sizes of pillows on the market right now. Throw pillows are smaller pillows usually used for decorating. Decorative bed pillows are also used for decorating. The main function of this type of pillow is to add aesthetics to the bed. These are not usually used for sleeping purposes. Body pillows are large pillows that are designed to comfort the whole body. Maternity pillows are specialized pillows used by moms-to-be and are available in a number of sizes.

The price of pillows depends highly on the style, size and make of the pillow. Down pillows generally cost more because of the quality of the pillow filling. Likewise, body pillows will cost considerably more than most throw pillows because of the size and the amount of material required in making the pillow. Choose your pillow very carefully. The pillows you choose will have a great impact on the quality of sleep you receive. Getting quality sleep is important in maintaining great mental, physical and emotional health.

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