Platform Beds

A platform bed is the general term for any bed that has a raised, flat base and is slatted for support. Platform beds are great for homes with limited storage since items can be easily stored under the bed. Another benefit of platform beds is its design. It only requires a mattress, which eliminates the need for a foundation or a box spring. Modern mattresses are thick enough that a foundation is often unnecessary. However, platform beds will accommodate a foundation should you want the additional support.

A platform bed has a sleek appearance that is due to clean lines, low headboards and sparse use of ornament. Platform beds are generally made of woods such as maple and oak and less commonly, they can be made of metal or black lacquered wood. Platform beds in queen sizes or king sizes should have an extra center beam for additional support and stability.

This type of bed is relatively inexpensive due to the fact that they do not require some of the bedding (box springs and foundations), which other forms of beds require. That said these beds are perfect for individuals who live on their own and are trying to save money, while maximizing the space in which they live. Platform beds are suitable for college or university homes, where the rooms are often small and additional space is required. They are also great for children's bedrooms, which are often cluttered with toys and clothes and could benefit from the extra space.

The actual design of platform beds is relatively basic and does not really provide any element of creativity or uniqueness. That's not to say you can't make this type of bed look elegant, creative, classy or fun. There are many ways to spice up the look of platform beds, here are just a few:

Platform beds are relatively inexpensive and can be dressed up to look like an expensive bed for a very low cost. For individuals on a budget, this type of bed is perfect.

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