A quilt is a padded, bed covering made of scraps of fabrics sewn together usually with a decorative cross-stitch design. In addition to providing warmth, quilts are often works of art, featuring beautiful, intricate designs. Using different scraps of fabric, quilts can depict a scene or story or feature bold, interesting patterns. Quilts can be antique (50-100+ years old) or new. Antique quilts are almost always hand stitched, while modern equivalents are constructed using a combination of hand stitching and sewing machine. In fact, quilts made entirely with a sewing machine cost considerably less than those stitched by hand. Also, the term "hand crafted" or "hand made" can be misleading. A sewing machine may have still been used.

As for the price, it varies. An antique or heirloom quilt can cost $300 to $3000, while new quilts start about $300. For exceptionally beautiful quilts, consider one made by the Amish, Mennonites or Pennsylvania Deutsch (often referred to as Pennsylvania Dutch); the workmanship is exquisite. Each quilt made will feature intricate detailing, which will be admired by guests in your home or log cabin. This type of bedding is well worth the money.

Quilts are perfect items for individuals who prefer one-of-a-kind items. There are no two quilts which look exactly alike, which is just one of the reasons why this form of bedding is so popular. The cost of these items is relatively expensive compared to other forms of bedding because of the time and effort it takes to make the intricate detailing. Many hours of hard work and concentration go into producing each quilt perfectly.

Quilts can be made to suit any type of bed and any size of bed. They can be made in twin (single), double, queen, king and California king sizes, in order to fit every size of bed on the market. You can also find many individuals who are willing to custom design a quilt according to your wants and desires. This means you can have a quilt made to match the décor of your bedroom. Hand-made quilts, especially custom-designed models, are great gift ideas for special friends and family members.

Looking for a themed quilt? Why not consider one of the following types: Christmas, Hawaiian, Country, Kids or Modern, which are sometimes all black!

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