Reading Lights

For those who enjoying reading in bed a reading light can eliminate the need to turn on a lamp (and wake up your partner). There are two main styles of reading lights available. A book clip and a headboard lamp; both provide focused light directly over the book. A book clip is attached directly to the book and it is a small, lightweight lamp that provides a narrow beam of light. Similar to the book clip is the headboard lamp, which is attached to the headboard. The beam of light is directed down over the shoulder, illuminating the book (likely resting in the lap). Both book clip lights and headboard lamps are generally battery-operated, eliminating cumbersome cords.

Reading lights are not only used to avoid annoying your partner, but can also potentially save your eyesight. Many individuals choose to read materials in lighting that is not suitable for human eyes. You may experience headaches when reading in inappropriate lighting. This is your first indication that you may require a reading light. Reading lights can be positioned to direct the light exactly to where you're reading. This lighting is less stressful on your eyes and will prevent you from putting too much strain on your eyes and experiencing headaches.

Besides headaches, there are a number of other reasons to purchase a reading light. The following are just a few of these reasons:

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