Sealy Pillows

Just like the Sealy Posturpedic brand of mattresses, Sealy pillows are designed to provide maximum support and comfort. A special convoluted foam core and gusseted sidewalls provide ideal neck and head contouring and support. The foam is wrapped in polyester fibers for extra durability. Spiral-spun polyester filling provides medium to firm support. On average, Sealy pillow ticking is finished in 200 - 350 thread count cotton, providing a moderately soft, cool texture. A Sealy hypoallergenic pillow version features a special ticking that is woven extra tight to prevent dust, dirt, mildew and other allergens from entering the pillow.

When it comes to well-made, effective pillows, Sealy is one of the most popular brands to choose from. Sealy offers a number of types of pillows to suit the needs of each individual. Whether you suffer from back pain, neck pain or sore muscles there's a style of Sealy pillows to suit your needs. It may take you a while to find which pillow is best designed to suit your needs, but once you've found it you'll never go back to the low end line of pillows. Sealy pillows may cost slightly more than other brands of pillows, but the effectiveness is more important than the cost. Spending a few extra dollars now can mean a great night sleep for many years to come.

Sealy hypoallergenic pillows are very effective in alleviating allergy symptoms for individuals while sleeping. If you've suffered from allergies, you will agree that trying to sleep while dealing with your allergies is a practically impossible task. That was until hypoallergenic pillows were discovered. Now, allergy sufferers can get a good night sleep without having to deal with the hassles caused by allergies. Sealy pillows are designed to provide support and comfort while sleeping. For this reason, they're not very pleasing to the eye and offer very little to the aesthetics in a room. If you are looking to add to the appearance of your room, and not to your quality of sleep, perhaps you may want to consider decorative bed pillows instead. For the most part, choosing a pillow should be about comfort, once you have a comfortable pillow then you can start to worry about decorative ones.

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