Select Comfort Mattress

Select Comfort's Sleep Number® mattresses use air to provide comfort and support. The air is contained within chambers constructed of heavy-duty rubber made to withstand 1000 pounds of pressure. These mattresses will mold to body contours, providing proper spinal alignment and reducing pressure points. Using an electric inflator, which is controlled by remote control, homeowners can inflate or vent air to make the mattress as firm or soft as desired. This personal level of support is referred to as a "Sleep Number". This number is determined by criteria including body height/weight, preferred firmness level, usual sleep position (stomach, side, back), quality of current sleep and current areas of discomfort.

Select comfort mattresses are available in standard bed and mattress sizes, which include twin (single), double, queen, king and California king. Twin is the smallest and each mattress is one size bigger up to California king, which is the largest. The larger the mattress, the more expensive it is going to be.

For further comfort larger mattresses sizes such as queen size and king size can be divided into separate columns, allowing each sleeper to set their "Sleep Number" for their side of the bed. These independent columns also reduce the likelihood of one sleeper being disturbed by the movements of their partner. It can be very difficult to sleep when you first start sharing a bed with your partner. These types of mattresses make the transition easier and more comfortable for two people sleeping in one bed. If your partner tosses and turns when they sleep, you may want to consider a sleep number in order to help you sleep better.

The quality of your mattress is very important in maintaining a good quality of sleep. You are going to need a mattress, which provides ultimate support and comfort while sleeping. If your current mattress is not providing you with the sleep quality you desire, consider purchasing a select comfort mattress. Select Comfort mattresses include a built in layer of high-density foam to further enhance comfort and support and strengthen mattress integrity while sleeping.

Other mattress brands include: Sealy, Simmons, Serta, Nation's Pride, Stearns & Foster, King Koil, Tempur-Pedic and Spring Air.

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