Simmons Pillows

Simmons Beautyrest® pillows are meant to complement the Simmons mattresses of the same name. Both are designed to provide comfortable, soft pillows that promote deep, relaxing sleep. Spiral spun, polyester fibers maintain high loft, while crimped fibers provide an ideal level of support. These pillows are designed with durability in mind and maintain their shape well. The soft, smooth surface is the result of 250-350 thread count sateen cotton ticking. The higher the thread count, the better quality of pillow. When it comes to pillows, you can pay a lower price for lower end models or you can pay a slightly higher price for a quality pillow. The choice is yours. It is recommended that you purchase a higher quality pillow if you wish to see any improvement in your sleeping habits.

Simmons also makes a latex foam pillow for those looking for more contouring benefits. The latex foam conforms to the natural curves of the neck and head, maintaining proper alignment and supplying maximum support. This is a pillow that maintains its shape for lasting comfort and the quality construction and natural durability of latex foam reduces flattening and sagging. These pillows are also hypoallergenic providing clear, easy sleep. 250 thread count cotton sateen ticking provides comfort and softness. A higher quality pillow will last much longer than a low quality pillow, so it ends up being worth the extra few dollars.

Simmons pillows, Sealy pillows are designed to provide support and comfort to the head, neck and back while sleeping. For this reason, they are not as decorative or pleasing to the eye as some of the decorative bed pillows on the line however, they are effective in improving your quality of sleep. If you are experiencing aching, sore muscles when you sleep or when you first wake up it may be an indication that you need a new pillow. Your most important priority should first be your quality of sleep, then the appearance of your bed. Simmons pillows tend to cost more than non-name brand pillows, but for the quality of pillow you receive, the price is hardly an inconvenience.

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