Sleigh Beds

This elegant bed style can trace its origins to the early 19th century. Resembling the shape of a horse-drawn sleigh, sleigh beds have a high headboard with a lower footboard. Both the headboard and footboard curve outwards towards the top. Traditionally, sleigh beds were handcrafted entirely in wood. Today, you will also find sleigh beds made of iron bars since it is more affordable. Sleigh beds are often available as double sized and larger sometimes the heaviness of the style overwhelms smaller, twin sized beds. A standard quality sleigh bed costs about $600 and up.

This type of bed is so expensive because of the style and elegance it exudes. There are many variations of this type of bed but each style is associated with class and wealth. Only individuals with a decent amount of money can afford top of the line sleigh beds. These are often found in hotel suites that are designed to portray elegance and sophistication.

If you are looking for a unique, classy bed style, you may want to consider purchasing a sleigh bed. The headboards and footboards of these types of beds can be altered to create uniqueness among similar styles. You can also accent a sleigh bed by adding decorative bed pillows, throw pillows, quilts or other bed accessories. The difference between wood sleigh beds and iron sleigh beds is the price and the quality of the bed. Wood beds are stronger, more durable and exude a classier, elegant look. Iron sleigh beds are not as sturdy as wooden ones and look cheaper than their counterpart looks. If you like this type of bed, but cannot afford a wooden style, perhaps an iron model is more in your price range.

The bed you choose will not only affect the appearance of your room, but will also have a great impact on your quality of sleep. In order to function well on a daily basis, you will have to sleep comfortably making sure your bed provides an adequate amount of support. Also keep in mind, you can spice up the appearance of your bed by adding a number of bed accessories including decorative bed pillows, quilts, duvets and more. Your bed should reflect your personality and tastes and should be a place where you want to go at the end of a hard day to lay back and relax.

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