Sofa Beds

A sofa bed is a couch, which unfolds to form a bed. There are two ways to convert the sofa to the bed and vice versa. The standard method involves the back of the sofa acting as the bed headboard. This is also called the tri-fold bed system since the bed is folded into thirds to fit into the base of the sofa. The second, increasingly popular foldout method, involves using the back of the sofa as one side of the bed and the seat as the other. Thus, the arms of the sofa act as the bed's headboard and footboard and you sleep perpendicular to the traditional sofa bed style. This method is also called the bi-fold bed system since the bed only requires one fold to fit into the base of the sofa.

Sofa beds are available in different sizes including single arm chairs (which converts to a twin bed), two-seat sofas (which converts to a double bed) and three-seat sofas (which converts to a double bed or queen bed). Only three-seat sofas can employ the bi-fold system, otherwise there wouldn't be enough bed length. The more a sofa bed is used, the faster it deteriorates. For this reason, every component of the sofa bed should be built with durability in mind: the bed frame, the foldout system, the mattress and the sofa itself. As long as you purchase a high quality, name brand sofa bed there should be no reason why this type of bed shouldn't last as long as any other style.

Sofa beds provide additional room for individuals who require more space throughout the day. They can be folded during the day to offer more room and then made into a bed at night in order to provide space to sleep. Many individuals who live by themselves in smaller apartments find this type of bed to be efficient, and they are useful for families who often need extra beds for guests.

Sofa beds can be found in any bed, bedding or furniture store. They can also be found online at any bed or bedding website. The price of sofa beds depends on the style, size and make of the bed.

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